About Board Certification

What is a Board-Certified Practitioner

board certificationA board-certified practitioner is one that has successfully demonstrated high-level credentials and who has passed the exam administered by the American Medical Autism Board.

An AMAB-certified practitioner is a currently licensed physician who has extensive knowledge, skills, experience, and training in the field of biomedical autism treatment. The requirements are rigorous and have been designed to verify that each member is up to date on treatments and research for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Each practitioner is required to maintain certification to assure they at a high level in the specialty of biomedical treatment of the ASD’s.

What certification means to you...

  • Access to certified specialists in biomedical autism treatments
  • Verification that AMAB physicians are up to date on the newest treatments and research
  • Dedication to high quality patient care
  • Verification of exceptional knowledge, experience, and skills in their specialty


Autism Resources

For resources on Autism Spectrum Disorders, including access to conferences, newsletters, DVDs, tips, and more, follow the link below to the US Autism & Asperger Association.

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