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One-day Overview of Biomedical Treatments
Featuring 3 experts in cutting edge treatments
Seattle, WA - Sunday, October 30th, 2011

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Course Information

AMAB training coursesOverview, Course and material - shows a gamut of the topics relevant to the biomedical treatment of the ASD’s. Although the course is intended to be intensive, and may aid in prepraration for the Board examination, it should not be construed as the only preparation fo the examination.

Course review - gives a summary of all the information required to succeed in the examination.

Books, DVDs, and information papers - Material will be soon available.



Training Programs

Overview Course in Biomedical ASD Treatment
A gatherng offered by the US Autism & Asperger Association will be the site of the upcoming Overview Course offered by the .Board. The Overview Course is intensive, intending to provide an in-depth, advanced rdiscussion of the specialty of Autism Spectrum Disorders. It covers assessment, diagnosis and management of autism. This CME activity will prepare physicians (MD, DO) for the certification exam offered by the AMAB. .

Physician Training Programs
The AMAB will conduct training programs throughout the year.



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